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"Serious Parachutes for Serious Rocketeers"


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Visit the Sample Page to view Custom Parachutes Deby has created for various events!  

Recovery Technologies offers replacement parachutes for your rocket in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. We offer parachutes in a wide variety of sizes to suit your recovery needs, all with sewn in nylon shroud lines.  Click here to view our list of sizes and colors, and for ordering information.  Click here to go to our Photo Page to view representative samples of our products.

Need to pack a large parachute in a small diameter body tube? Try our "Master Line" Parachutes! These parachutes are made from 1.1oz. zero porosity ripstop nylon! Contact us for currently available colors.

"Chute Shields" Protect your parachute from the heat of the ejection charge. Buy a Recovery Technologies Chute Shield. Shields for body tube sizes 1.6", 2.6", 4", 5.5", and 7.5" are permanent wadding made from NomexTM  material.

Need a new shock cord or shock cord anchor? Braided KevlarTM line is also available in 100, 750, 1000 and now 2000 lb. strengths! See the Price list for pricing information.

Our parachutes will fit in most of the current popular kits. In rockets with a small body tube, you may need to substitute a smaller 8" chute for the plastic 12" chute. An 8" or 9" nylon chute works well in place of the 12" plastic chute supplied with an Estes Alpha III for example. Our nylon parachutes are much more durable and provide more reliable recovery than a standard plastic parachute!

Don't know what size parachute you need for your kit? Click here for a Parachute Size Chart

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